Disk Collection

The musical disc collection is the result of a generous bequest by the ambassador Christos Diamandopoulos and his wife which was acquired during the 1960s under the presidency of Costas Nikolakis Mouchas. It consists of approximately 1000 vinyl recordings of classical music covering periods from the Baroque to the modern Greeks Yiannis Christos and Yannis Xenakis.

The Diamandopoulos Collection includes both orchestral and chamber music. Opera makes up only a small section, however, consisting of works by Weber, Wagner and others. The collection is of historic interest not only on account of the relative rarity of its contents but because it represents a period of change from recordings made at 78 revolutions to those made at 33 revolutions per minute and from the monophonic to the stereophonic system. The rarity of these recordings derives from the period when they were made and from their physical nature. Despite the wear of years, they retain that unmistakable “liquid” sound of vinyl recordings, even in the case of monophonic recordings.

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